No Time! Too Expensive! I do not have a Training Manager!

These were the excuses and until now, quite legitimate. But, no longer!

The ArcLearn Virtual Training Consultant (VTC) helps you manage your internal employee training.

You specify the subject categories that are important to you, and then the VTC will assign courses, keep track of results, and inform you periodically.  Just like a real live Training Manager.

The Theory

Even the best of us needs to be reminded of good business practices from time to time. And, when a specific training video works for one person, a related but different training video might have the most impact on another. So, we provide multiple courses in specific categories to accomplish the objective of REPETITION and the objective of VARIETY.

So, if you are a manager and you want your employees to improve customer service skills, for example, then you tell this to the Virtual Training Consultant. The VTC will assign these courses to your employees, inform them via e-mail, track results, and make reports available to you. Over time, your employees take a variety of courses for effective learning. The result is better employee morale and more effective people on the job.

And, if you are an employee, you simply go to your Your Courses List and take the training at work, at home, or on the go. As you progress, new courses are assigned every two weeks. In addition, you can browse the catalog to select courses that will meet your own personal or professional interests. And reporting to your management gives you full credit for all courses taken. Think of the Virtual Training Consultant as your own personal trainer.

DETAILS!  How it works:

You specify any number of subject categories offered by ArcLearn in the Administration panels; and you can change these at any time. Specify those that apply to the entire company and specify different ones that apply only to specific departments.

Every two weeks, your licensed employees get an email with new course assignments, a review of completed courses in the past two weeks, and a reminder how to best utilize the service. The employee also gets our inspiring “quote of the week”. And, of course, if the employee is falling behind on assigned courses, we provide encouragement to move forward. Click to see a sample email.

And, you or your designated account administrator will obtain a summary report of all activity and student progress.

Employee Still Has Control

Each employee still can select any of the ArcLearn training video courses at any time to satisfy a specific need or interest. And, you can assign any of the ArcLearn training video courses to one or more employees at any time. Lots of flexibility and still structured for results.

You Still Have Control

You can assign courses to employees manually as well. Our drag and drop assignment tool makes it easy. And, regardless of who selects the course (the employee, you or your designee, or the VTC), the VTC tracks and reports on progress in the same way.


The Virtual Training Consultant feature is an optional feature that applies to all subscription ArcLearn accounts. The account administrator must select this feature in the administration, miscellaneous preferences. E-mails are sent bi-weekly to employees and monthly to designated administrators. This feature is free.