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ACCT 103 Financial Accounting - complete 54 lecture course
54 modules. A complete course. Financial accounting theory, principles, and procedures. Application of theory and practice to the accounting cycle and to systems design. Introduction to the preparation, use, and analysis of financial statements of a sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation to m... read more
Contemporary Legal Issues - complete 44 lecture course
Contemporary Legal Issues, an award-winning series comprised of 44, 30-minute programs, focuses on advanced legal writing, analysis, and research. After viewing the entire series, the viewer will be able to demonstrate the use of legal research tools; demonstrate knowledge of briefing and synthesizi... read more
Conversemos! - Let's Talk .. an introduction to speaking Spanish - complete 30 lecture course
Conversemos! Let's Talk is a 30-part video series featuring Carlos and Janet, instructors who play the roles of teachers and students in this Spanish-language telecourse. Through the entertaining use of skits, well-known fairy tales, and a continuing melodrama, students watch and listen to language ... read more
Math in Your World - complete 24 lecture course
Using math in real world situations to give the student the appreciation of why one needs to know this stuff. Includes beginning algegra, intermediate algebra, math for liberal arts majors, trigonometry, precalculus, college algebra, statistics, and calculus.
Quest for the Empowered Self - complete 26 lecture course
Quest for the Empowered Self is an exploration of the dynamics involved in the development of the individual in the search for identity and self-discovery. Specific emphasis will be placed on the decision-making process particularly as it relates to the individual's own humanness, value system, and ... read more
Spanish 101: Se Habla Español - complete 42 lecture course
This video series was produced for use in a college-level, first semester Spanish course. This elementary course is the study of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures, with emphasis on the development of communicative skills and basic structures. The videos were intentionally not tied t... read more
Statistics with Naomi Lowe - complete 14 lecture course
14 modules covering 12 lectures on a variety of topics within Statistics. Two Branches of Statistics: Descriptive Statistics or Inferential Statistics Sampling Level of Measurement Graphs and Tables; - Frequency Graphs; - Histograms ; Measure of Central Tendency; -  Mean, Median, Mode; -  Variabilit... read more