All sorts of different people make up a workplace. Everyone is impacted by a complex range of personal circumstances that go on outside of work - things shaped by personalities, relationships, finances and physical and social environments. Sometimes personal issues can dominate someone to the extent that their performance at work is affected - they bring their 'baggage' to work with them. This film, hosted by one of Australia's leading television and arts industry personalities, Michael Veitch, considers issues around identifying and dealing with emotional distress at work. Handling the Baggage contains valuable information and strategies for managers and employees alike.

Key Training Points:

* Explores emotional stress and how to identify it.
* Provides a discussion platform to explore the impact of emotional stress at work.
* Offers support strategies for those affected.
* Considers external support options.
* Includes a comprehensive Leaders Guide and Participant Workbook.

Internal communication
New Employee Curriculum
Managing Performance
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