This program covers languages for shopping at the market andchecking prices. It introduces the use of this to establish a time,simple words, expressions and tips and a practice section.

In thisprogram covers languages for shopping at the market and checking prices.

Introduction: Carol,Barney, Steve and Serena introduce the program.
Chatting: Steve goes to the Farmers Market.
Language and grammar: 
This morning; This afternoon; Thisevening. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow
New words:   cash I  shopping list  I  the price  I expensive  I  receipt
Funny things we say:  On sale  |  Shop around  | Bucks
Listen and repeat:  Clips selected from this video, followed by areal time gap to repeat what you hear.
Tips:  Carlos (from Mexico) and Tammy (from China)share their experiences about learning English, and give some tips.

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Simple English Series - 20 program set
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English as Second Language
Release Date
Jan 1, 2015
Video Running Time (minutes)
Seven Dimensions - Eve Ash
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