Research for Writers: Advanced English Composition incorporates lively interviews with practitoners in a wide variety of writing fields from law to poetry. To illustrate:
  • The Argumentative Paper: An attorney is interviewed about preparing an argument for court.
  • The Explication: An award-winning poet reads and explains his work.
  • Journalism vs. Essays: Newspaper editors and editorial writers provide insight from their busy offices.
  • Electronic Sources: Information technologists offer suggestions for evaluating online sources.
Research for Writers features concise presentations in a news-anchor, business-like format on such timely topics and concepts as:
  • Drug use among athletes
  • Violence in the schools
  • Clothing as a form of identity
  • Modern day rites of passage
  • Graffiti and billboards as expressions of public art
  • Public politeness vs. road rage
  • Same sex parenting
  • Death penalty alternatives
  • Home schooling pros and cons
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Research for Writers
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