Presentation is Everything is a new ‘video short’ resource from Video Arts.

The aim

To help individuals structure and deliver effective presentations: and avoid death by PowerPoint. About this video resource

We've all sat through presentations that have left us shell-shocked, bored or baffled. A poorly delivered presentation can leave us feeling confused, and the presenter feeling dejected. A well thought through presentation can fill the presenter with confidence that they've got the message across in an interesting and engaging way.

Alan (Matthew Horne) is an old hand at presentations. He's given more than he cares to mention: and more than his audiences care to remember! Cue Christine (Sally Philips) to help him reflect on his less glorious efforts and help him think through his preparation, structure and style to ensure that everyone leaves his presentations understanding what he was trying to tell them.

This humorous program looks at the fundamentals of good presentation skills: structure, slides and delivery.

Kill the cat in the           baseball hat
Click here to download Alan’s tongue-in-cheek guide with his “top tips for perfect presentations”.
Video production information

A Video Arts 2010 production featuring Matthew Horne and Sally Phillips.

Advanced Employee Curriculum
Release Date
Oct 1, 2010
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Video Arts Ltd.
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