The aim
To teach booth staff how to present themselves and their organization in a professional and organized manner. About the program
Even booths that are designed to the finest detail will not produce the results if staff do not know what they are doing.
This program shows how to encourage visitors, welcoming without being over-eager, and how to avoid the guaranteed conversation-killer - "Can I help you?" It demonstrates the importance of accurately logging potential customers' details, arranging follow-up visits, and keeping the stand smart. The benefits
-A simple, direct way to ensure that all booth staff are fully prepared for opening day
-Techniques for opening, controlling and closing sales dialogues
-Key turn-offs that reduce customer traffic - and how to remedy them Information:
A Video Arts production featuring Bernard Cribbins and John Standing
Release date: 1974
Release Date
Jan 1, 1974
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Bernard Cribbins
John Standing
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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