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Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter
Are you facing change in your industry? Do some of the members of your team resist change? How can your organization deal with the increasing pace of change? In this award-winning video, bestselling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter will help you understand change - a... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Corporate Culture and Performance
Why do some corporations thrive and others fail? What are some of the characteristics of top performing organizations? How can you turn your organization into a top performer? If you have ever asked any of these questions, then John Kotter’s program, Corporate Culture and Performance is an essential... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Leadership with John Kotter
John Kotter, the professor of leadership and change for Harvard University, offers the essential guide to developing the natural talents of managers and staff into leadership skills throughout your organization. Kotter argues that most organizations already have ample management capability, but lack... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Transform Your Organization with John Kotter
John Kotter Guides You through the Eight Steps For Successfully Leading ChangeChange can be difficult for any manager or leader. How do you initiate a change effort? How do make it work? What are the pitfalls? How can you succeed?These are some of the questions that John has addressed in this new vi... read more
New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only