Marcus coaches Carol about respect after a complaint Michael has made against her. But when Michael asks Carol for feedback, she is harsh and rude, prompting another complaint. Marcus helps Michael deal with his negativity and introduces the black box, encouraging Michael to put his thoughts into the box. Marcus goes through the same process with Carol who is in awe of Marcus’ inspirational speech. 


This episode begins with Carol and Marcus discussing a complaint that Michael has made against her for an inappropriate incident. Marcus reinforces the importance of respecting personal space. Shortly after this Michael asks for Carol’s feedback on a completed report. Carol’s feedback is abrupt and negative, prompting Michael to complain to Marcus about Carol again. Marcus helps Michael deal with his negativity by asking him to say some positive things about Carol and introducing the notion of the black box. Michael is encouraged to write down his negative thoughts and put them in the box. Marcus helps Carol to reassess after citing the positive things Michael had to say. Carol is ivery impressed with Marcus - and thinks he should be making speeches.

  Key Learning Points

“Poor feedback creates frustration and conflict. Acknowledgement and recognition creates motivation.”


Don’tbe dismissive
INSTEAD: Acknowledge effort

Don’tgive insensitive feedback
INSTEAD: Be constructive and supportive

Don’t focus on weaknesses
INSTEAD: Accentuate the strengths

Don’tmake unreasonable demands
INSTEAD: Set realistic goals


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