Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team holds many lessons for teams everywhere. While few teams may address actual life and death matters, the key to their success lies, just as it did with the mine rescue, in three essential elements.

-    A clearly-defined common goal that unites and
      inspires the participants.
-    Appropriate skills and resources applied to project
     needs, along with a diversity of thinking to get the
     job done.
-    The ability to respond to the unexpected and turn
     disaster into triumph.

Unstoppable Team is a compelling 20-minute video, accompanied by a comprehensive Leader-s Guide and PowerPoint slide presentation. These are the foundation for a workshop that will help team leaders at all levels understand how to:

-    Clearly define a common goal and rally people
      around   the goal by creating a vivid connection to 
      the larger purpose of your task.
-    Effectively reinforce and communicate the vision to
      keep your team united and inspired.
-    Identify and leverage the skills and capabilities of 
      your team members.
-    Forge partnerships and alliances to expand your
-    Stay open to new ideas, emerging leaders, and
      alternative solutions.
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